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Statement Release Webinar

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Get involved and find out how you or your company can get connected with IBM to help build and grow the quantum computing industry in Maryland.

The IBM challenge statement release webinar was held on:

Tuesday February 23rd –  12-1pm

Featuring John Joaquin, Client Leader, IBM

Watch the webinar recording to learn about IBM’s vision and goals as it applies to quantum computing, what they are looking for from this challenge and their positioning for the future. Questions for this Challenge can be submitted to until March 5, 2021.

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John Joaquin, Client Leader, IBM

IBM Challenge Goal

“To Build a Market Leading Quantum Computing Industry in the State of Maryland”

IBM Challenge Statement

IBM is challenging the Maryland Innovation Community to identify and bring forward entrepreneurs and innovators focusing on research, development, and commercialization efforts in Quantum Computing to establish a base inventory of market players and Quantum Information System workforce talent in Maryland. IBM wants to identify and engage with existing Quantum Computing offerings and promising use cases that can be further developed and supported by IBM in Maryland.

IBM Challenge Background

IBM is positioning resources to capitalize on the State of Maryland’s early position in Quantum Computing, and to build this region into the Silicon Valley of the Second Quantum Revolution.

Quantum computing (QC), and the broader Quantum Information Science (QIS) field, are entering a new phase of commercialization and application offering the promise to help solve previously unsolvable problems and provide answers to the previously unknowable. While Quantum computers will not replace their current counterparts, it will open new areas of exploration, development and commercialization for innovators and market participants. Initial use cases in life sciences, transportation, finance, and energy offer considerable promise for the application of quantum computing.

While Quantum computing is in its infancy, it is a viable technology that is demonstrating supremacy over classical computing, with computational power trillions of times faster than today’s most powerful super computers in certain calculations and potential use cases.

The greater national capital region, and the State of Maryland, are poised to capture market leadership in this evolving industry, with many critical assets important to success. IBM is looking at this region because it is home to many important private and public research organizations, the Federal Government policy leaders and the home of one of the world’s most important life science industry clusters.

We are in the “second quantum revolution” as NIST’s Carl Williams notes, with an international race where this technology will open new opportunities, new discoveries and markets for those capable of harnessing its power.

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