Our Corporate Challengers are in search of Maryland talent, technologies, teams and ideas that provide innovative, viable and valuable solutions. Do you have what it takes to meet the challenge? Review the three challenges below to see details on each opportunity.


Who is Eligible:

Individuals, university students, entrepreneurs, and companies with less than 100 employees are eligible to participate in the Maryland Business Innovation Challenge – (MDBIC).  Individuals or Teams must be 18 or older, a member of a Maryland based University and/or reside in Maryland – companies must have an office in Maryland.

How to Submit a Response:

Challenge responses will be submitted through a web form provided on the individual corporate challenge pages. Challenge responses will include 3 parts:

  1. Executive statement that clearly describes your proposed solution and your value proposition  – up to 500 characters.
  2. Written proposal that provides additional and compelling details to prompt corporate engagement – maximum of 2 pages in PDF format. Be sure to include: full name and contact information of the respondent (address, email, phone number), company name or university association (if applicable) and details that clearly present the solution, relevant experience, insights supporting execution of proposed idea or implementation of technology.
  3. Pitch video with details on the proposed solution, your qualifications and information about you/your organization’s culture/mission/vision. Video should be no longer than 3 minutes and must be provided on a public YouTube or Vimeo link.

What to Expect:

We anticipate that each corporate challenge will generate many innovative responses with compelling solutions. Submissions that meet the requirements will be forwarded to the corporate challengers by April 21st for review. The corporations will decide which companies/individuals they will engage with in a pitch meeting (virtually or in person) with notifications going out by June 14. As with any business engagement, the length of the corporate pitch meeting will be established by each corporate challenger during the scheduling process. Expect at least 15 minutes. It is anticipated that more than one corporate relationship will result from this process. This is a Business Challenge – not a Competition.