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Get involved and find out how you or your company can work with the SC&H Group as a partner to reimagine and implement a hybrid work environment and culture.

For more information on the SC&H Group business challenge and what types of partnerships they hope to establish through the Maryland Business Innovation Challenge, please watch the video on this page and read the Q&A with Pritpal Kalsi, CEO at SC&H Group.

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Q&A with Pritpal Kalsi, CEO SC&H

Pritpal Kalsi, CEO, SC&H Group

SC&H Group Challenge Goal

“To reimagine the professional workspace by establishing an effective, hybrid environment to benefit their clients, colleagues and community.”

SC&H Group Challenge Statement

SC&H Group is challenging Maryland’s Innovation Community to bring forward a partner or several partners to assist in the establishment and rollout of a hybrid work environment suited to meet the needs of their clients, colleagues, and community. The right partner(s) will exhibit a thorough understanding of the firm’s professional dynamics and various requirements by presenting them with strategic proposals to transform their workspace. The proposals should explain how they will transform various elements of a professional workspace such as the physical work setting, technology, and design—and the impact the transformation will have on productivity, culture, and morale.

SC&H Group Challenge Background

SC&H Group is a nationally recognized management consulting, audit, and tax firm serving clients from rapidly growing private sector businesses to Fortune 500 companies with global brands. We are a 30-year-old, employee-owned organization with more than 300 employees spanning three office locations in the Mid-Atlantic—Sparks, Md., Ellicott City, Md., and Tysons Corner, Va.

When the pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, SC&H Group, like many other professional services organizations, we put an immediate halt on all client-related travel and overnight became a largely remote organization. For an accounting and consulting firm, the middle of March wasn’t the ideal time for the world to shut down (tax season) but we quickly pivoted as best as we could.
We made a commitment to our clients, colleagues, and community to guide them through good times and challenging, so that’s what we did—and continue to do.

Since March we’ve been working almost 100% remote and proven that we have the means, capability and skill set to do so. Our people have told us they want to strike more of a balance between remote and in-person work once it is safe to do so. We want to build a modified normal—one where a hybrid work environment is sustainable and can flourish permanently/long-term. We miss the camaraderie and social interaction, the training and collaboration opportunities, but we also value the added time we’ve gotten back in our days to work on our health, spend time with loved ones, and design our own day. We want the best of both worlds.

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